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In 2021 the Amsterdam Fashion Institute faces challenges in terms of safe learning & working environment, communication, and relevance. It’s a rumbustious organization, with unclarity in educational innovation, incoherent communication, and sometimes less attention for students.



First of all, it starts with listening. Listening to the students, to the staff, to the industry. Furthermore, we mapped the organization, defined blank spots, and missed expertise.


Based on these, a widely supported blueprint is created that meets the needs of today's students, society & the changing landscape of tomorrow, and current (and new) employees. It translates into the first steps of a phased educational renewal, a draft of a new fitted study course, and safe working and study environment.


Next to that we implemented workshops & alignment sessions and supported the growth of the D&I culture in all facets. The evaluation structure has changed, a coherent communication plan has been drawn up, a student-only council and a platform for the invisible group of freelance lecturers have been found, and an advisory committee is in the make.


In other words, the print for a safe study and working scenery, and a course renewal, has been laid out and can be completed in the coming years.

for: AMFI, University of Applied Science

role: interim manager 

with: AMFI Interim staff


>> culture change management, employer branding, brand positioning <<


© 2020 by Leoni Huisman

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