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Illustrations: Ingrid Bockting 


A capsule wardrobe is of course more than some mathematics. It’s as well about dressing better and have a better look. Styling is a feeling, and some of us have more feelings to create nice combinations than others. So for the ones that aren’t that comfortable in making looks, let me try to give you some styling lessons in a nutshell…


A good outfit comes with two C’s. One is standing for Comfort. You don’t want an outfit that itches, or is pulling, or is too tight or too wide, shoes that are pinching, a belly that’s squeezed. No, comfort is what we’re looking for. Second of all, an outfit should give you Confidence. You should feel empowered to give a presentation, qualified to lead a meeting, competent to reach out to a new client. It should give you enough confidence and faith to go out with your gorgeous date or hang out with your beautiful friends.



On the styling part, an outfit looks good when taking the big 3 into account. The big 3 are Colour, Material, and Silhouet. They together should play a game as well as challenge each other. The key of an effortlessly styled look is making sure that in your outfit 2 of the big 3 are matching and 1 is different; it’s the rebellious one. This makes your outfit sparkle, some examples:


Rebellious Color: Imagine your top and your bottom are the same color, more or less the same silhouette and fabric. When you’re adding a nice pair of shoes of a contrasting color, your outfit get’s immediately a boost.  


Different Material: If your outfit exists out of the same colors and silhouettes, let’s see what a different material can make. A blue Tee on a blue cotton skirt feels quite ordinary. But combining a navy satin top with a navy leather skirt creates a powerful look. 


Sparkling Silhouette: Or what about this example. Instead of combining a straight shirt with straight fitted jeans. You match a tiny top with some volume pants. Whether the colors or materials are the same, this look will still be an eye-catcher.  


Of course, an outfit can look as well stunning when none of the big 3 are matching. But most of the time it looks like you just put some random things on. And sometimes you like to avoid that.





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