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My Book

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My Book

'de Capsulegarderobe'

Published by Meulenhoff Boekerij BV

Design & Illustrations by  Ingrid Bockting

note: at the moment it's only available in Dutch


As a stylist, I used to have a huge walk-in closet. How much I loved it, it also causes me stress. Too many items to take care of, too much to choose from, so much to clean, fold, and store. I start loving it less and less. Looking for solutions I start reading articles about owning fewer clothes and having a capsule wardrobe instead. It sounds thrilling, exciting.


But the thing was, the articles didn’t tell me exactly what kind of items I need. How many skirts or pants or tops do I ( does a person) own? The selection criteria for building up a capsule wardrobe were all based on personal experience, what sparkles joy, what do you like, etc. But as almost everything sparks some joy by me, I couldn’t make a proper selection. So the method I was looking for, didn’t exist. I was looking for instructions, something that tells me exactly what I need, which color and how many, and what kind of items.  

And then I realized something, I’m a stylist, I’m a professional, I should know. If I can define the outfits for a show, a campaign, a shoot, or a content story. If I can make a puzzle which model is wearing what on which location, and how we shoot as much product as we have with a limited amount of pictures. I definitely can also make an instruction on how to build a capsule wardrobe that fits me, or even better that fit’s all women. 


So there I was, sitting in my closet, starting puzzling, doing some maths ( I love numbers). And a new method was born. Of course, this method should be tested by all kinds of women. Which I did, it took me a year or so. The method slightly changed during the test phase, some steps were added, some were taken out, etc. And voila my new method was born! A simple proven one. A method that is workable for everyone and more importantly, every user is happy with.

The method is called the lessbettergood method. The book describes this method, gives you styling tips, goes deep into your shopping behavior, and gives you an easy format to select your clothes in 7 steps.


© 2020 by Leoni Huisman

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