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Brand Campaign
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Brand Campaign

G Star Raw, photographed by

Anton Corbijn,  Ellen von Unwerth

G Star Raw is an international denim-driven fashion company. It conquered the European market but still had ambitions in the US. As good examples make good followers, the visual language had to be redesigned. Their visual DNA. The first start was to own the black & white photography and, do this in a RAW way. And what better to start than working with one of the most talented down-to-earth photographers like Anton Corbijn. At a later stage, the brand lacked a feminine appearance. So we approached Ellen von Unwerth to take on this role, extending the same photography handwriting.


In my role as strategic, creative, and executor, I had the privilege to work with all these talented people. Whether they were young upcoming models, talented art directors, artistic documentary makers, arrived actors, happy singers, or well-known photographers. It has made my journey so rich. I’m a blessed person. Browse my favorite selection of B&W branded campaigns I've created. These images are still meaningful to me. The images that last.


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