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Do I have to say goodbye to all my clothes?

No definitely not. Clean out your closet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw your items straight away or give them to charity. The most important is, that you first learn what you wear. After getting this insight, it’s time to say goodbye to your clothes ( by most of my clients this insight process takes around 2 seasons)  


What do I do with the items that didn’t make it to my capsule?

Well, very simple just store them. You don’t need to send them to charity straight away. You store them per season or per color or per category. You can use garment boxes or bags, some of us have the luxury of a spare closet or even a room, it’s all up to you. 

Note: try to wear your capsule collection for let’s say 2 to 3 seasons, after that you know exactly what you miss ( or not), and then it’s time to say goodbye to some of your items.

Why do I change my wardrobe 4 times a year?

Cause you don’t wanna have lots of clothes in your closet anymore. You don’t need to have summer dresses in wintertime and vice versa. When you re-do your closet every season you come in contact with the seasons more and more. Get the benefits of mindfulness like less stress, being more creative, more focused, and less emotional.


When can I start?

Now! You can start every day you want, every time. Just be aware of which season it is. And start building your own capsule. It doesn’t matter if the season is halfway, or almost over. Just start and see what happens.

I like to know more

I can understand. It is all so interesting. If you’re Dutch and/or living in the Netherlands, you have several opportunities. You can read my book: de capsulegarderobe. Or book a personal consult. You can check my Dutch website see on the calendar if there are any workshops or lectures. If you’re not living in the Netherlands, don’t speak Dutch, feel free to send me an email or DM. I’ll help you from a distance.

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