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G STAR RAW Leoni Huisman

G STAR RAW sustainable journey


Denim brand G- Star Raw faces challenges around its environmental impact. The company invests a lot in sustainable denim, it wants to grow in sustainable consciousness, but doesn’t want to lose its commercial value. 



To create sustainable awareness, G Star Raw embraces the idea that they need to nourish this mindset among their own employees too. Once you really believe in something, you spread this message differently, you spread it strongly, you spread it from your heart. To get this consciousness seed growing, we start a pilot project among the employees: a Swap Shop.


During employment at G Star, each employee is entitled to a certain amount of items from the current collection. Every month new items fill the wardrobes of the employers, and soon their closets are packed. To promote circularity and cherish what’s already there, we launched a Swap Market. In the beginning a bit hesitant, because it all depended on the input of the employees, and it didn't meet the criteria of new fresh clothes or the latest styles. In the end, it turned out to be a great success. Yes, the seed was planted. 


The Sustainable Ambassadors group soon started. A group of global employees, all with a drive to do good, be an inspiration to others, and make an impact. This brand strategy resulted in beautiful projects. Within the company, it realizes Meatless Mondays, sustainable packaging, climate-conscious travel, the South African office started cleaning beaches in collaboration with primary schools, etc. Outwardly, this strategy was (and still is) the blueprint for many successful marketing campaigns such as a 'lifelong repair subscription’, 'raw denims that last', and it created awareness of Cradle-to -Cradle innovations.

for: G STAR RAW 2003-2021

role: brand creative lead | repositioning board group | head of styling


>> culture change management, brand positioning, brand strategy, creative concept, creative direction <<


© 2020 by Leoni Huisman

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