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If you own a capsule wardrobe you want to do good, like taking good care of your clothes and making the right decisions for future purchases.


Taking good care of your clothes means that you treat them right. Airing them, store them, repair them, wash them, steam them, undo them from little fluffs and spots. In this way, your clothes give you joy for many, many years. 


Making good investments means that you invest in pieces that will last. After one or two seasons of wearing a capsule wardrobe, you definitely know which pieces you wear a lot and which you did not. You know which colors suit you, which silhouette and which doesn’t. You know if you miss something, or if you’re like to have more of the same. 

The reason why you know all this is because you finally know what’s in your closet. If you own less, it’s really easy to understand your own dressing behavior. You can never get these insights when your closet is full of clothes. So the next time you buy something new, you know exactly what style, color, or fabric you’re looking for. 

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