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ambitious about autism

This is a brilliant advertisement to raise awareness of the autism spectrum among women. The spectrum is still not noticed in many young girls. Up to that, there are still too many prejudices about this theme.

Meet Ash. She is in high school, has a father and mother and a sister, and like any child, has her share of (morning) troubles. Because of her autism, the world hits her a little harder and the family has to take her into account just a little more.
The main characters in the video are real, and except the Mum, have no acting experience. Ash's family is her real family, and Ash’s two friends in the school scenes were played by her actual best friends. The video is scripted, but to make it as truthful as possible, Ash actively intervened in the scenario.

“The film was truly a co-production with Ash and the family – I wanted it to be their voice.  Everything in the film is based on Ash and the family’s experience of living with autism.” Tom Hooper, Director

Isn't there anything strange about this ad? Of course, this ad was created with the help of a brand of stain remover. True, that sounds far-fetched, but ultimately the brand is very committed to the theme and offers several ways to make autism known. In the end, this action led to what it was intended for; greater awareness and acceptance. So yes, a brand can indeed be an interesting partner in social issues, provided it is sincere.

The ad was commissioned by Channel 4. They are offering advertisers and agencies the chance to win £1 million of commercial airtime on Channel 4. Encouraging brands to raise awareness of the lack of authentic portrayal and representation of visible or non-visible disabilities.
made by Havas London with support from the charity Ambitious about Autism


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