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WAKULI, changing the coffee industry


Wakuli is a fair, sustainable Dutch coffee brand, that offers bold tasty flavors. The founders gained experience in the low-wage countries where the coffee beans are grown. They witnessed how the coffee giants dominate the market, how the growers are treated unfairly, and how the planet (and the taste of coffee) is losing. They founded Wakuli to do this differently!


It started as an online sales platform. Currently, scaling up by opening brick & mortar stores in Amsterdam. They need help with their overall brand messaging, their shift to retail, and a tool to stay brand consistent.



Wakuli positions itself as a smart Rebel. A funky witty coffee disrupter who stands out with its love for bright colors and bold fonts. Someone who doesn't mind spreading their insights or stepping on anyone's toes, but not for the sake of screaming. 


To educate consumers about the inequity in the coffee industry, Wakuli stores are used as active message tellers. The customers are seen as fellow activists, and therefore directly addressed. To profile itself as a newcomer in the area, a special opening package has been designed. A large one-liner on the sidewalk and in the window sets the tone of their mission, take-away cups are used to spread the message further on the street. Additionally, crew T-shirts are added as a message carrier, and informative texts in a combination of quotes from local farmers are added to the store. In this way, people passing by gain insight into this unfair industry, customers feel they are contributing to improvement, and the coffee farmers can literally share their story with the consumer.

Because the harvest is different every time, the new blends of Wakuli change. These continuous changes are implemented in its branding & and messages as well. Employees receive a handy branding tool to ensure that any new messaging or design, is in line with Wakuli's mission and brand identity.

Yes, a fruitful, visible, distinctive, and impactful branding helps Wakuli grow. And most importantly, it serves local farmers and the planet!

for: Wakuli

role: brand consultant


>> brand positioning, brand strategy, creative direction, creative copy <<

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