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Adidas, body positivity campaign 

“When I surrender to the water, my breath finds its rhythm, my body floats on the surface. The whole world goes silent around me. And I'm not the only one.”

Asma Elbadawi


This larger-than-life billboard is based in Dubai. It’s a swimming pool on the beach. In the Middle East, 88% of women don’t feel completely comfortable wearing a swimsuit on a public beach or pool. Around 59% of women in the UAE believe that the media creates an unattainable body image of female swimmers. Adidas made this pool.  It’s a part of the campaign that launches more inclusive swimwear (including a burkini collection). The campaign is an invite. Let’s experience the benefits of swimming. Relax, step out of your daily life, and enjoy the now, regardless of your shape, ability, or religion.

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