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Hi, welcome to the studio. Studio Leoni Huisman is a freshly born creative branding studio that stimulates change for the benefit of people and the planet, run by Leoni Huisman. She is an inspiring strategic and creative force, with more than 20 years of experience in the creative & sustainable industry, specialized in branding & behavioral change.


She gives the studio a positive boost and mixes contagiously her expertise as a corporate brand lead, interim manager, and agency founder. It makes the studio utterly good at implementing brand thinking, finding your core, understanding how to drive behavioral change, how to deal with sustainability and D&I dilemmas, and how to create impactful campaigns. 


The studio is made for makers. Whether you make the policy, or the product, put the urgency on the table, have a social dilemma or a sustainable issue. The studio addresses your needs, offers solutions, thinks outside the box, gives new perspectives, or adds other positioning possibilities.

It creates policies, strategies, identities, visual & verbal branding assets, campaigns, or any other communication tool to encourage change. The studio works for a wide range of impact makers, from the food sector to the financial world, from women's empowerment to circular start-ups, from textile disruptors to culture change powerhouses. Yes, the studio acts!


How it works? Leoni will drink a coffee with you and ask you everything that she needs to know. Based on this, she outlines a plan that meets your wishes, and starts working solo, with an external group of experts, or collabs with an internal team.


Like to know more about Leoni (for example, about how she influenced thousands of women to buy less for the benefit of the climate), read her story and résumé here.

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