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Black Supermarket - Carrefour

Ever asked yourself why you can buy only certain greeneries in the European supermarket? Well, to be honest, this is because it is protected by the law. Or, to be more precise, for a long period only 3% of all fruits and veggies produced, were sold.


This means the remaining 97% was considered illegal. Why? Because only 3 % is patented, and registered in the Official Catalogue of Authorised Species, the rest is illegal. And the most absurd?  That legal 3 % is harming our planet.


So what did Carrefour, a big French Supermarket retail chain? Exactly, they found the farmers of the remaining 97%. And started selling their food. Welcoming their honest, organic, eco-friendly, farmer-friendly, and health-friendly seeds, fruits & vegetables. If necessary, Carrefour was willing to pay the hefty fines. Carrefour called it the Black Supermarket. 


The nicest thing? The campaign eventually led to a new law in the legal books of the European Union, making it possible to sell more and better products. Yes, the best campaign gift for farmers, consumers, and the planet! 

Agency: Marcel

Client: Carrefour

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