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Chloe x Sheltersuit

The dutch Bas Timmer founded Sheltersuit about 6 years ago. Bas Timmers is an artist, who likes to do good. His organization makes suits for the homeless to let them survive the cold streets. This suit consists of a combination of a sleeping bag and a jacket. It can be worn separately or together. The suits are made from surpluses from the textile industry. Each Sheltersuit is therefore unique. The jacket is made of high-quality, breathable tent fabric, the inner lining of upcycled sleeping bags.

Gabriela Hearst, the creative director, found out about Bas Timmer and his organization. She invited him and his team to dive into Chloe's archives. The result? New eye-catchy suits made in luxurious, rich colored fabrics and a bag collection where the profit goes straight to Sheltersuit. All was shown last February in the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. 

It is a win-win for both of them. For Gabriela, to make a fresh start as creative with a mission. And for Bas to get a worldwide platform for his organization. 

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