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De Nacht Club (The Night Club) is the collective name of the work of two social designers. Their first assignment for the municipality of Rotterdam regarding neighborhood safety took place at night. They called this project 'De Nacht Club'. The project did well, partly due to the raw edge of the night. Soon other municipalities and clients approached the duo for their social dilemmas. 'We didn't had time to think about a name for our company, so we stuck with De Nacht Club for all our projects', tells Marjolein, one of the founders.


At the moment, their work is still going well. They have expanded their services, collaborating with artists and other social designers, and offer training to municipalities and government employees. 'But due to our enormous success, we tend to lose our core and raw edge. Time to look at where we are, who we are, and where we want to go', says Jaap, co-founder. 


During the positioning process, it becomes clear that the client initially chooses the somewhat unorthodox approach of De Nacht Club, but remains stuck in the implementation and opts for the well-established path. De Nacht Club wants to prevent this.

Therefore a clear positioning was chosen, with the contradictions of the night re-formulated as a core value. Meaning, that the social event or intervention does not have literally to take place at night, but it must showcase what the night represents. To commit both parties, a practical brand tool is designed that always offers both the founders and the client a choice of frictions of the night.  


Yes, the Night Club can still provide long, beautiful, raw 'nights'!

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social design LEONIHUISMAN
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