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Duran Lantink, 

I met Duran when he was still a student. (I had the privilege to do some small coaching). He had the most fantastic ideas about fashion. He felt uncomfortable with all the beautiful designer items that landed up in sales, or, even worse, in landfills. So he had this amazing idea. Why not make new designer pieces out of them? Mix and match different designer items, to make a new jacket, coat, pants whatever. And as simple as it sounds, as groundbreaking as it was. Cause mixing the different design houses wasn’t done before. Anna Wintour was immediately a fan of him, so was Billie Eilish, and the rest is history. He is a well know designer, still mixing & matching different labels together.  Always using the existing, no waste making, and valued by the whole fashion industry. 

Images: Duran Lantink

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