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A disruptive fashion conversation between Leoni Huisman and Karen Heuter. Karen and I are close friends, both working as creatives in the advertising & fashion industry. We were asked to make an art piece, showcasing our critical opinion on the fashion industry. And so we did.  For nine days, Karen sent me one word by WhatsApp, to which I reacted. An unfiltered, almost never-ending WhatsApp conversation follows. To point this out, the whole conversation ( no adjustments, restrictions, miss types included) is printed on long papers, which hung over walls, sweeping the floors, and extra stools were placed, for the reader's convenience.

for: Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week |

Fashion RevolutionThe School Hasselt

role: artist

with: Karen Heuter

fashion conversation Leoni Huisman
fashion conversation Leoni Huisman DSFW
fashion conversation leoni Huisman
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