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Ganni rental collection

Ganni a Danish label, is one of the first fashion brands experimenting with renting collections. They own “Ganni Repeat”, enthusiasts can rent a limited part of the collection via their webshop, if you wanted to buy it afterward, it’s also a possibility. In the summer of 2020, Ganni teamed up with Levi's. A collaboration, in which Ganni designed a mini collection from vintage Levi's, only for rent.


During Fashion Week, last February in Copenhagen, Ganni went one step further. The whole collection they showed was only rentable. The theme they used in this Fall/Winter 2021?  Love.  Ganni's love for life, for music, and all the things they took for granted. Everything in this collection consists out of existing Ganni fabrics and garments, which have been reused, painted, embroidered, and embellished by hand.  

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