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Peim van der Sloot

" It has to start somewhere" Ever been in a gallery and seen an orange dotted sticker next to the artwork, telling you the piece was sold? Exactly hacking the system of these dots is what Peim is doing. He’s the dots specialist, a sticker master, a price(less) artist. Making brilliant work with a fixed grid of dots that somehow gets disturbed. The most brilliant is his work ‘It Has To Start Somewhere’ The first piece shows all the orange gallery dots in one frame but leaves one dot open, this dot will show on the wall next to the frame when the piece is sold. The 2nd piece is missing two dots, these 2 dots will again be shown on the wall, this work is slightly more expensive. The 3rd piece is missing 3 dots, and as you can guess, will have 3 dots on the wall and is more expensive as well. Of course, the highest price is paid for the art piece just showing one dot in the frame, the rest of the dots should be all on the wall.  


Note: Peim is always experimenting and interfering with the price system,  such as: charing the profit amongst the buyers, paying as you like, and turning the wheel of fortune (the wheel determines the price, which can be higher or lower than the actual price). The last one is a risk, but a nice one, or at least I had a good experience ;)

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