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forbidden combinations

Duran Lantink has the most fantastic ideas about fashion, but also deals with a problem. He feels tremendously uncomfortable with all the beautiful designer items that landed up in sales, or, even worse, in landfills.

I met Duran when he was still a student, when he proposed his brilliant idea;

Why not make new designer pieces out of the old ones?

Mix and match different designer items, to make a new jacket, coat, pants whatever. And as simple as it sounds, as groundbreaking as it was. Cause mixing the different design houses wasn’t done before. Anna Wintour was immediately a fan of him, so was Billie Eilish, and the rest is history. He is a well know designer, still mixing & matching different labels together.  Always using the existing, no waste making, and valued by the whole fashion industry.


Images: Duran Lantink


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