The Capsule Wardrobe Project

“I love clothes. I love them a lot. But I don’t love a lot of clothes”

This project started around 2018. Working in the corporate fashion & branding industry, I used my skills to sell a lot of clothes. But fashion needed a re-shift. And so did I. I decided to turn the question around. Formulating a new one. Not ‘what would sell the best?’. But what would be the best for our planet? Consuming less of course. Especially less clothes. So I used the same experience. But in this case, I make people aware that you better buy as less clothes as possible (and still looking amazingly stylish). How? By designing a special method. A method that cleans up your wardrobe once and for all, protects you to buy clothes you don’t wear and, tells you how to invest in only the good ones that last. Sounds good right? I approached this project from a designer's perspective. The first year was filled with research in buying and dressing behavior of different women and some maths. In the second year, I start sketching, designing, testing, and readjusting the method. After that, I wrote a book, a practical one. Now I can definitely tell you; The method works. If you like to know more, you can read my dutch book about capsule wardrobes. You can visit this website or a lecture. And occasionally, if time allows, I'm still bookable for consults to show you the method, clean your wardrobe and give you damn good styling advice. 

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