The method for a perfect capsule wardrobe

I like sharing. I like to do good. So here you go, my method for free. This method will clean out your wardrobe once and for all. Or once? Actually, a capsule wardrobe is based on our 4 seasons. In other words, changing your wardrobe 4 times a year. That’s ok, you will get used to it. Enjoy!

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Let's get started  

Illustrations: Ingrid Bockting 


step 1

Take all clothes which you would wear this season out of your closet and put them on your bed.


And with all clothes, I mean absolutely everything, not only your favorite jeans but all your jeans. Also, the things you no longer wear, buyings you regret, scruffed items, your favorite sweater with stains, etc. Is there still something in a suitcase or anything on the coat rack? Don't forget to check the laundry basket. Think of the items that are not in your own house but somewhere else. Collect everything that you possibly could wear for the upcoming season. And put these on your bed.

Your storage-collection


All items that aren't part of the current season (to be more precise,  items you won't be wearing for the next three months) will be, from now on, a part of your storage-collection. You take all these items out of your closet and put them aside. You can make a pile on the floor or put it directly in a box. Are you still unsure about certain items? Put them on your bed with the other clothes.

Well done, your wardrobe is almost empty. The only thing you’ll find is non-capsule, like underwear, sportswear, loungewear, and some pajamas.


step 2


step 3

Divide & Select


Divide all your clothes on your bed by color. Create a maximum of 7 piles. All colors can have their stack, as long as you don't have more than seven stacks. Less is fine. If you do have more, merge piles into one color family. If you have colors that don't go with anything, you can keep them separate together with one-pieces & dresses. You will see them back in step 4.

Select 1 bottom and 2 tops from each color stack. In total, you select seven of those triples. Note: most of the time, the largest pile will be selected more often.

Spark joy


Your base is ready. So time to add some joy. Add seven more items. It doesn't matter from which pile. The pile with separate items and one-pieces is now also participating. You can select your favorite vest. Or that crazy old sweater that doesn't go with anything, or that lovely dress. It doesn't matter what you take, as long as it sparks joy. Take the items you don't want to miss this season.


step 4


step 5

Select five pairs of shoes and 3 outer coats. 

We’re talking about five pairs of shoes. That may feel little, but five pairs of shoes for three months (90 days) is enough to create different moods. Athletic shoes and shoes for extreme weather conditions (like snow boots or wellies) are not a part of this. Shoes for special occasions, such as beautiful heels for a wedding, are also excluded. 

Three outer jackets: select, for example, a formal coat, a practical jacket, and a statement piece. Or a long, cropped, and boxy fit. A woolen, a puffer and a waterproof, etc. There are plenty of options. From my experience, I know that three coats are more than enough to vary in three months. 

Create outfits

Let’s experiment with your collection! Make new combinations with the items from your capsule. Try outfits in front of the mirror and swap items around if necessary. Take your time. Be surprised by a new combination that works. If you like it, take some pictures, to make sure you remember these combinations.

Note: do you always have a lot of clothes, and do you find it difficult to make choices? Well, this is your first capsule. It’s okay to have a bit more items, be kind to yourself. 


step 6


step 7

Storage & Shaping

Let's archive your storage-collection first. In your storage-collection you will find; all items from this season that you have not selected, together with all items for the other seasons. 


Your closet is still clean and empty. And now comes the best part... Put your own lovely little capsule collection in your closet! Lay down fragile items, change the layout of your closet, etc. Maybe you can get rid of some shelves, but you can do that next time as well. When you’re standing in front of your closet, you see something very beautiful, something you have done! Congrats, YOU made it!