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Creative agency Dentsu Creative Amsterdam (born from the acquisition of Achtung!) introduces itself in the market with its vision 'We value modern creativity, to create culture, to change society and invest in the future’. A rather bold statement that requires some investment in execution, not only for the accounts Dentsu Creative works for, but also within the company.

Leoni Huisman Studio Amsterdam | Dentsu Creative Employer Branding
Leoni Huisman Studio Amsterdam | Dentsu Creative Employer Branding

Dentsu Creative AMS agrees that 'invest in the future' can therefore be taken quite literally. Start from scratch and invest in the future generation, the young talent. They understand that to attract the target group of young talent, they need to do two things; be visible in the right places. and offer an inviting and welcoming environment. An open playing field where (young) employees have a safe place to play, fail and learn.  


This 'within' strategy led to fruitful actions; introducing DC to the young audience through structured guided tours and student workshops. Setting up collaborations with diverse studies, and levels (including Secondary Vocational Education). Teaming up with D&I and young talent platforms. Creating new organizational structures with room for multiple interns and their internal mentors. Adding junior teams to existing teams, implementing their needs, and guiding them. Making technology attractive to young women. Nurturing and feeding crisp creative minds. 


In return, Dentsu Creative AMS receives fresh ideas, growth, trust, curiosity, an open mind, and an understanding of the needs of the now!

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