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Lighthouse is a co-working space for impact makers in Amsterdam. The collective comprises a versatile mix of start-ups, solo entrepreneurs, and companies. All share the same future drive, creating a more social & sustainable society. Currently, members are leaving the collective, they struggle to find new members and they would like to improve their collaborations.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-07-17 om 17.06.29.png

A quick benchmark shows the overwhelming number of mainly commercial co-working spaces in Amsterdam. Lighthouse has positioned itself in the higher price range and seems not very visible online. This increases the challenge.


The first step is working on visibility. A new website is born. It focuses on the workspace, the 'Why' (the shared common drive to change society), and the impactful work done by the individual members. A rotating social media team is being set up to spread some positive news. The 3-day membership is being promoted. This appears to be the membership most potential coworkers are looking for.  And has the additional benefit of positioning at a low price range.


Finally, an acquisition campaign for social media is designed. With no media budget to spend, LinkedIn's algorithm is used. A regular LinkedIn post spreads within a limited part of your network. A profile update, however, is shared with a significantly larger part of your network. This insight is used for the member acquisition campaign. Instead of each colleague posting a call to recruit new members, each Lighthouse member updates their profile with a "new job" at..... the Lighthouse. The reach of these update posts is huge. 


Funny new job profiles are created, the impact that the members make is clearly promoted. And thanks to the rotating social media teams, colleagues interact more with each other, and new mutual cross-collaborations arise. As a result, the exposure is high and new members easily find this interesting co-working space.


Yes, the Lighthouse is still shining!

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