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correct the internet II

Last year, I wrote a post about why International Women’s Day is still important today. I showed a commercial. ( you can watch it here)

Story in short; a girl in an empty football stadium asks the internet to tell her who scored the most goals in international football. The answer loads: Ronaldo scored the most international goals with 118 goals. The girl asked how many international goals Christine Sinclair scored. The answer? Christine Sinclair scored 190 international goals. So, the girl asked again: who scored the most goals in international football? The internet repeated the same answer: Ronaldo with 118 goals.

Fast forward to today, doing the same experiment with ChatGPT, asking the same question. The outcome? Have a good read below. And yes, we still need Women’s Day today.

note: the commercial is made by DBD for Correct-the-internet. This platform has designed a simple tool to help correct the biases of men online. Read more


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